A Visit from Mother is the eighth episode of Top Cat.


Top Cat's latest money-making scheme is to sell a beachfront experience to folks who can't afford to travel to the beach. He turns on a fire hydrant, but accidentally floods Dibble's passing squad car. TC tricks him into cleaning his own car, then hastens back to the alley, where he finds Benny crying.

He's received a letter from his mother. She hasn't heard from him lately so she's coming to check up on him. The problem is that he has told her that he is the mayor of New York. Dibble returns to tell the cats to go clean his car, but TC tricks him into cleaning the alley.

Benny threatens to run away rather than face his mother, but TC plans to pretend that Benny really is the mayor. Instead of washing Dibble's car, they borrow it, plus some fancy clothes, to properly welcome Mrs. Ball at the airport. They continue the ruse, taking her to several staged events around town. Dibble borrows a taxi to chase after them. They evade him several times, but eventually run out of gas. Dibble prepares to arrest them, but TC convinces him to let them go, for the sake of Benny's mom. Dibble insists on taking her to the airport himself.


  • The cats walk past a building with graffiti that reads "El Kabong", the alter ego of Quick Draw McGraw.
  • TC says Mrs. Ball lives in the town of Plum Center.