All That Jazz
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 11, 1961
Written by Lawrence Goble

Kin Platt Paul Sommer

Directed by William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

Episode guide
The Maharajah of Pookajee
The $1,000,000 Derby

All That Jazz is the third Top Cat episode.


Jazz, the new cat in town (informing TC that he should know him as "A.T."), takes over the pool hall, steals Top Cat's girlfriend, sways the gang, and cleans up the alley. This sparks a contest between the pair However, when both Jazz and Top Cat are offered a part in a Hollywood film, they both assume that it is another trick. The offer turns out to be legitimate, and Benny is cast in the starring role in The Thing From the Alley. He leaves for Hollywood in a limo, accompanied by Top Cat and the gang in the guise of Benny's manager, valet, vocal coach, tailor and chauffeur.

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