Dibble Breaks the Record is the twenty-seventh episode of Top Cat.


The Sergeant calls to tell Officer Dibble that he is just one day away from breaking Iron Man Muldoon's record of 3486 days in a row pounding a beat without missing a single day. If he breaks it, he'll win a two-week vacation. Top Cat would like a two-week vacation from Dibble, so the whole gang sets out to keep him safe so he'll win.

Nervous because he's being followed, Dibble steps on a roller skate and goes for a wild ride. The cats open doors and watch for obstacles so he doesn't get hurt. He orders them to keep away from him, but they just follow more subtly.

Dibble starts planning his vacation and stops at a travel agency. He is so busy reading brochures, that he crosses the street against the light. The gang carries him to the other curb without him noticing. Then they keep him from falling into an open manhole, and prevent a runaway piano from smashing into him.

A sudden cold has him feeling terrible. The gang take him home and put him to bed, saying they'll cover for him. A picture of his hero Muldoon falls and conks him on the head and he hallucinates that Muldoon tells him to get out of bed and go break that record, so he does.

A bank robbery occurs with ten minutes to go, but T.C. and the gang help catch the crooks, and Dibble wins his vacation, plus an extra week for nabbing the criminals. The gang is happy until the Sarge assigns three tough cops to replace Dibble, so they hurry after him. Dibble is still sneezing so they pamper him as they take him on his trip.