Hawaii Here We Come
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 27, 1961
Written by Kin Platt

Lawrence Goble Paul Sommer

Directed by Joseph Barbera

William Hanna

Episode guide
The Maharajah of Pookajee

Hawaii Here We Come is the first episode in the Top Cat series.


When Benny the Ball wins a cruise to Hawaii through a boxtop contest, he and his pals board the SS Aloha Hooey, with five of the cats sneaking on as stowaways. Officer Dibble accidentally becomes a fellow passenger by chasing a counterfeiter on board. The gang finds a suitcase filled with (counterfeit) cash and they begin to live like kings, until Dibble catches them and tosses them into the brig. Top Cat devises a clever plan to capture the real counterfeiter, leaving Dibble and the cats free to enjoy the rest of their Hawaiian vacation.


(Dibble catches Top Cat using the phone) Top Cat: Well, well, if it isn't Officer Dribble again. Dibble: Quit calling me Dribble or I'll run you in.


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