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Voiced by
Leo De Lyon
Middle Aged

Lazlo-Lazlo (known as Lazlo-Lozla in Spanish) is a famous performer and musician who appears in "The Violin Player". When Officer Dibble bought a record by him, the musical director of Carnegie Hall mistakenly thought it was Benny the Ball playing and took in Benny for his talent before realizing that it wasn't Benny, but rather the janitor who Top Cat had told to "Stick to [his] broom" when he had tried to offer advice. He still cleans up after every show. Top Cat and Benny see him again in Top Cat: the Movie when The Maharajah of Pookajee came to watch him perform.


Lazlo-Lazlo is a finely dressed man with pale skin, and bright shaggy red hair. His nose is long and sharp and under his nose he possesses a dark-colored mustache that is quite finely trimmed and styled, almost similar to a handlebar mustache yet not quite. His eyebrows match his mustache in color. When doing his janitorial work he wears an all white suit, a matching hat, and a white scarf. When he performs in Top Cat: the Movie he is shown in a navy blue suit with an orange tie.


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