Mrs ball

Mrs. Penny Ball is a character on Top Cat. She was voiced by Bea Benaderet.

She is the mother of Benny and was seen in "A Visit from Mother" when she came to visit her son after hearing that he supposedly became the mayor of New York City.


Much like her son, Benny, Mrs. Ball is a rather short and chubby blue cat with peach-colored facial markings and muzzle. Her eyes are also small little dots, and she has exactly four whiskers. She is a bit curvier than her son, however. She wears a cute little white sunhat with a yellow flower in it - presumably a black-eyed susan - and a pair of glasses perched across her muzzle. Her dress is a simplistic, but quite puffy, sky blue with frills. Mrs. Ball also wears an elegant pair of blue Victorian-era styled boots.

Mrs. Ball lives in Plum Center,[1] but at some point moves to Bacon Fat Flats.[2]


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Penny is known as "Nanny" in the middle east.



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