Naked Town is the ninth episode of Top Cat.


The director of the television program, Naked Town, wants to shoot a street scene, so the Sergeant gives him permission to film in Hoagy's Alley. When Top Cat finds out, he convinces Dibble that he could be a star.

A crook named Knuckles learns of the plan to film a warehouse robbery and plans to have his gang carry out a real warehouse robbery at the same time. They arrive a bit early and Dibble, thinking they're the television crew, eagerly offers to help them. TC reminds Dibble of his chance at stardom, so he hams it up as he helps the crooks. Knuckles asks the cats to help carry boxes too. At first they refuse, but when he says it's their chance to be on television too, they eagerly accept. Benny takes time to set a case of alarm clocks to ring at noon so they won't miss their lunch hour.

As the crooks leave, the Sergeant arrives and tells Dibble that it was a real robbery. He suspends Dibble and takes the cats to jail. TC finds the cell door is unlocked so they escape. He learns what Benny did and tells Dibble. He takes the information to the Sergeant, who arranges an Air Alert drill to shut down the city just before noon.

Dibble hears the alarm clocks first and rushes in to capture the crooks. The Sergeant commends him, but he credits the cats' help too. Thinking he's now in good with Dibble, TC starts up his old money-making schemes again, but is surprised by a new cop. Dibble was awarded a vacation for catching Knuckles, and his replacement picks up where Dibble left off, making the cats clean the alley.