Officer Charlie Dibble

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Voiced by
Allen Jenkins

Officer Charlie Dibble is a NYPD Policeman whose beat includes the alley. He wants Top Cat to clean up the alley and to stay off his telephone. He is sometimes referred to by playful variations of his name by TC such as Dabble, Drubble, Dripple, Dribble and so on. In the 2012 Movie, Dibble is voiced by American comic actor Bill Lobley.


Dibble is a tall and stout man, always sharply dressed in the blue police uniform and looking orderly. Even when out of uniform, Dibble is a well-dressed man. His black hair is always slicked back to maintain a professional appearance, though most of it tends to be hidden by the blue hat apart of his uniform. Dibble has an almost square shaped head with round, chubby cheeks. Though his eyes are colored stylistic black like every other character, TC points out that Dibble has blue eyes. Top Cat refers to his eye-color as being a "dreamy azure."


Continuously referred to as a "by the book cop," Dibble is committed to his job as a policeman and is often found trying to help civilians out around the city. Though he usually resents the gang's presence in the alley and can be rather impatient and strict with them, he often shows that he respects and loves them. Despite the conflict of interest between Dibble and the gang, he often worries and is shown to care about their well-being. He can be a bit naive and dim-witted, leading him to being easily manipulated and tricked by TC. Dibble often tends to get quite emotional at times, as he can be quite a soft-touch.


Patrick Dibble

Officer Dibble's cousin is Patrick Dibble, a pizza chef with a thick Irish accent.

Granny Dibble

Officer Dibble's grandmother



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