Police Chief Eugene Prowler


Voiced by
Bob Kaliban

The Police Chief, Sergeant Eugene Prowler, often referred to by the main cast as simply Sarge or Sergeant, is a former NYPD Policeman. In Top Cat: the Movie, he retires and hands off his position to his supposed son-in-law Lou Strickland. In "Farewell, Mr. Dibble", he replaces Officer Dibble with his nephew, Officer Earnest Prowler.


The Sarge is a thick, stocky and tall man with a thick, round face. Like Dibble, he is always seen wearing the blue uniform and matching cap. He has grey hair, almost completely white. His nose is small and button shaped, and he appears to have a cleft chin.


He's biased to handing off positions of power to members of his family, or those he believes to be apart of his family. He generally seems to be irresponsible and lazy, preferring to hand off responsibility to those beneath him in the force. There seem to be implications that the Sergeant may be somewhat corrupt, accepting bribes and the like. However he genuinely seems to care about his family, and is incredibly concerned for his nephew when he believes he may have lost his marbles.


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