Rafeefleas is the thirteenth episode of Top Cat.


The aroma from the new restaurant, Pedro's Pizza Palazzo, wakes Top Cat. He has no money, so he calls an urgent meeting of the gang. Benny arrives late, as always, this time from spending the night in the museum. TC discovers a jeweled scarab stuck to Benny's back. Thinking it's fake, he gives it to Fancy-Fancy to tease his girlfriends.

After taking up a collection, TC has just enough to pay for one meal. He finagles some free samples from Pedro, then offers to pay for pizza for his friend, a gourmet food critic. Pedro refuses the money, but would relish the opportunity to serve him for free. TC disguises each cat as the critic and they take turns filling themselves.

TC learns that Pedro is Officer Dibble's cousin. When Dibble arrives, TC thinks he's after the gang for duping Pedro. Dibble knows nothing about that, but asks for help catching a jewel thief, who stole a jeweled scarab from the museum.

Fancy-Fancy has given the jewelry to his new girlfriend, Shirley, so the cats plot to steal it from her. TC pretends to be an exterminator and tricks her out of it, then they bring it back to the museum that night. Just as they put it back in its display case, a real jewel thief takes it and runs. Dibble arrives, sees the cats, thinks they took it, and chases them back to the alley.

The jewel thief hides out in TC's trash can, but is enticed by the aroma of pizza. He finds the food critic disguise and wears it into the restaurant. When they pass by, TC recognizes him and tells Dibble. The thief runs out, but crashes into the rest of the gang, and Dibble arrests him.


  • The title is a play on the 1955 film, Rififi, in which the ladies' man member of the gang of jewel thieves gives a stolen ring to his mistress.
  • Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones make cameos as museum exhibits.