Sergeant Top Cat is the tenth episode of Top Cat.


The police captain is scheduled to make an inspection of the alley. Top Cat overhears Dibble talking about his plans to improve efficiency and concocts an idea. He has the gang clean up the alley so the captain won't give them any trouble. Then if he presents Dibble's ideas as his own, he'll be a hero.

Benny tosses a can of garbage over the fence and it lands on Dibble. Upon inspection, the captain finds the Alley tidy, but Dibble a mess. TC tells the captain the ideas he stole from Dibble. Dibble protests, but the captain doesn't believe him. He orders Dibble to bring TC to headquarters.

Dibble thinks they're arresting the cats, but the captain makes TC an honorary sergeant. Now outranking Dibble, TC starts ordering him around. He asks the police phone operator to get the Hialeah racetrack on the line.

When they're caught in the crossfire between armed robbers and bank guards, TC begs Dibble to protect him, saying he'll do anything. After TC signs a confession admitting he stole the ideas, Dibble springs to action and catches the robbers. The captain commends him and makes him a sergeant, until the operator rings back, connecting him to Hialeah, and the captain strips him back to patrolman again.


  • Schultz' Delicatessen is mentioned.