Space Monkey is the twenty-first episode of Top Cat.


Officer Dibble catches Top Cat harnessing a young boy's energy to run his "air conditioner." Tired of the cats' loafing, he give them twenty-four hours to find a job. Dibble reports that he's taking a job guarding the Space Laboratory, and tells them that even a chimpanzee has found a job there, going into space!

Choo-Choo reads about the luxurious living conditions of Marvo the Chimp, including food, steam baths, servants, and a limousine. Envious, T.C. and the gang report to the Space Lab. The scientists say they only launch chimps, but Top Cat's charm and the gang's enthusiasm gets them hired.

T.C. undergoes a series of aptitude tests but Marvo outperforms him in each one. The gang finds that Marvo's luxurious living conditions were greatly exaggerated. They decide to head back to the alley, and dig a tunnel to leave, but they overhear the lead scientist say they are heading to Florida tomorrow and decide to wait.

The cats are prepared for a beach vacation at the cape, until Choo-Choo realizes it's Cape Canaveral, where the rocket launches occur. The cats plan to answer every question wrong on the final test, but Marvo chickens out at the last second and switches papers with T.C. The electronic brain picks Top Cat based on the scores, but he talks Marvo into taking his place, planning to change the landing site to Africa so the chimp can see his family again.

Dibble is sent back to his old beat for picking the wrong guy. The Space Lab never learns where Marvo landed, but T.C. receives a crate of bananas from Africa.