T.C. Minds the Baby is the seventeenth episode of Top Cat.


Hungry and broke, the cats scour the park for food, cash, or empty pop bottles. Benny finds a picnic basket somebody left on the doorstep of a condemned building. Top Cat wants to bring it to a house with lots of kids, but it's way too busy for a baby. Next he suggests an orphanage. Benny came from an orphanage, and says there's no love there, and babies need love. T.C. softens and the gang agrees to take care of the baby.

They discuss what to call him, rejecting Tom, Dick, and Harry. Benny suggests naming the baby Charlie, after their friend Officer Dibble and the gang agrees. They gather food and supplies for Charlie, including some donated by Pedro the pizza chef. Choo-Choo steals milk bottles from babies in the park.

When Dibble gets a call about stolen milk bottles, he investigates in the alley and discovers the baby. The cats explain how they found him and plan to take care of him, but Dibble insists they can't keep him.

Dibble brings the baby back to the police station. They find the mother and she wants him back. The officers take up a collection to help her so she won't leave the baby again. When the baby waves goodbye to him, T.C. gets teary but claims he has something in his eye.


  • Pedro, who donates a pizza to the baby, is Officer Dibble's cousin, Patrick.[1]



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