The $1,000,000 Derby is the fourth episode of Top Cat.


Spook, Fancy, and Brain get jobs selling peanuts at the street carnival, and Benny sells pictures of kids sitting on a horse, but whenever the horse hears a whistle or bell it takes off. Brain blows the peanut cart's whistle and it runs downtown through Macy's and the subway causing about a million dollars in damages. Before Dibble finds out it's theirs, they try to hide the horse by smuggling it onto a ship, delivering it to a zoo, and selling it at a used car lot. However, when he sees how fast it can run, Top Cat tries to make some quick money by entering it into a race.

So everyone will think the horse is a thoroughbred, he pretends to be an Arabian oil king, Ali Khat. The mayor falls for the ruse and rolls out the red carpet for the cats. JJ Flitney of the Derby Committee invites them to enter The $1,000,000 Derby and covers the entry fee for them. Though he forgets at first, Benny the jockey uses a bell to spur the horse on. It takes the lead until the bell falls off. TC thinks quickly and drives an ambulance up behind the horse, using its bell. Benny nears the lead again, but when the announcer calls for a photo finish, the horse stops to pose for the camera, losing the race.

Back in the alley, the cats make some quick cash selling pics with Ali Khat's horse.


  • When Benny's bell falls off during the race, he should have just whistled instead of waiting for TC to borrow the ambulance.
  • The horse returns in Top Cat: the Movie.