The Case of the Absent Anteater is the sixteenth episode of Top Cat.


Officer Mahoney tells Dibble the bureau has lots of openings for detectives. Needing practice tracking down culprits, Dib sets his sights on Top Cat and the gang.

Dibble trips over T.C.'s roulette wheel and confiscates it. Instead, the cats place bets on the Western movie on television. Dibble hides in an ash can to catch T.C. using the police phone, but he doesn't fall for it.

Benny arrives with some groceries, and an anteater that followed him home. It begins stealing their food and T.C. orders Benny to get rid of it. Try as he might, Benny just can't lose the animal. T.C. answers the phone, imitating Dibble, and hears that the zoo is offering a reward for the anteater.

As T.C. and Benny walk the anteater to the zoo, it snatches some hot dogs from a vendor. Dibble, dressed as an old lady, asks for help crossing the street, but T.C. sees through the disguise.

Just as they reach the zoo, the dogcatcher grabs the anteater and takes it to the pound. That night, Dibble watches as they try to break into the City Dog Shelter. Mahoney sees a suspicious character peeking in the window and detains him as the cats sneak past a roomful of sleeping dogs to retrieve the anteater. Mahoney recognizes it as the missing animal and T.C. tricks him into watching it until the zoo opens in the morning.

Later, T.C. learns that the anteater escaped again, and it arrives in the alley with its family.