The Con Men is the twenty-sixth episode of Top Cat.


Officer Dibble shoos the cats from fishing for nickels in the storm drain. He suggest they get jobs like the two men nearby setting up an investment shop. Then he hops in an armored car for his guard duty.

Tony the hot dog vendor rolls by and Top Cat has an idea. He poses as a marketing researcher and proposes a test of a new way to serve hot dogs, with mustard on the bottom. He gives each member of the gang several dogs, asks their opinions, and tallies the results. Tony thanks him for his help, but says he is quitting anyway because he has saved a thousand dollars and now plans to take a trip back to his home in Italy. The investment shop men overhear and plot to sell him a dubious investment opportunity.

Back in the alley, T.C. tells his pals about his idea to cross a zebra with a tiger to produce genuine leather checkerboards. He needs someone to invest in his plan, so he goes to see Tony. He pitches his idea, but Tony has already invested in an oil well in Nova Scotia with the other men.

Sure it's a scam, Top Cat devises a plan to get Tony's money back. He dons a cowboy hat and hides in a money bag, then Choo-Choo waves down Dibble in the armored car and tells him he dropped it. They load the bag in the back and T.C. cuts himself out of it. Pretending he's a dispatcher, he has Dibble reroute to the investment shop. The two men see T.C. exit the vehicle telling Dibble to clean his money, and think he's a rich Texan. They ask if he'd like to buy some oil wells, but he tells them to come talk business at his place in the city.

The gang spruces up the alley, and Benny fakes a teletype machine with his typewriter. The cons read the ticker which says oil was discovered at the well they sold Tony. They rush to him and buy his share back for three thousand dollars. T.C. reveals that he's really broke and they chase him, but Dibble arrives just in time.


  • Top Cat gives his address as 182½.