The Golden Fleecing is the twentieth episode of Top Cat.


Officer Dibble hears that Old Lady Perkins and her mob are at it again, and he asks for extra help. If he catches her, he might get a promotion.

Benny thinks someone has been following him. It's an insurance agent with a settlement check for his accident in Detroit three years ago. Top Cat tries to negotiate for more, but finally accepts two thousand dollars. Benny wants to buy a hamburger stand, but T.C. plans to celebrate with some, then invest the rest.

They meet that night at The Pink Palm nightclub. Benny is smitten with the singer, Honeydew Mellon, but she just wants his money. She takes Benny to a poker game and wins all his money. T.C. makes plans with the rest of the gang to get his money back.

They scrape together enough money for a stake in the game, then go to visit Honeydew. Her mother plays innocent, but she's really a card sharp and invites them to play poker with her. Brain and Fancy-Fancy wait outside when Dibble walks by looking for the Perkins mob. He asks the boys if they've seen anything and shows them a wanted poster. They recognize Miss Mellon and tell him where she lives.

When T.C. has won back what Benny lost, he gets ready to leave, but Mom pulls a pistol on him. She has Honeydew hold them at gunpoint while she retrieves the rest of her stashed cash. T.C. kicks some popcorn kernels into the fireplace to cause a distraction, and takes her gun. Dibble arrives and T.C. hands over his prisoners.

When Top Cat makes plans to spend the money again, and still won't let him buy a hamburger stand, Benny lies in the street, hoping to get run over again.