The Maharajah of Pookajee is the second episode of Top Cat.


TC and the gang are putting on a circus and charging admission, but when Brain accidentally takes Dibble on a trapeze ride, he breaks up their act. As he's chasing TC, he gets a call from the Sarge putting him in charge of protecting the Maharajah of Pookajee while he's in town.

TC reads that the generous Maharajah hands out rubies for random acts of kindness, and wants a piece of the action. Top Cat and the gang disguise themselves and sneak past Dibble's guard. Mistaking Top Cat for the real Maharajah, the hotel staff puts him up in a grand suite, where he maintains the pretense by dispensing glass heads as "rubies." A pair of robbers arrive and steal all of their "rubies" so TC sends Benny out for more. A jeweler bringing jewels for the Maharajah to inspect gives them to Benny. When the real Maharajah arrives, Top Cat and the gang high-tail it out through the laundry chute. TC smacks into Dibble and gives him the rubies, thinking they're glass too. Upon finally meeting the Maharajah, Top Cat assumes he is another impostor and tosses away the bag of rubies that the ruler gives him into the ocean.

Dibble drives up in a brand new fancy convertible and says the rubies were real. Benny shows TC the Maharajah's picture in the newspaper, so TC sends the gang diving to look for the other bag.