The Missing Heir is the sixth episode of Top Cat.


Top Cat learns there is a reward for finding Catwalader, a missing pet which has been left a fortune by its eccentric millionaire owner. Benny matches the missing cat's description, but if the heir isn't found my noon, the fortune goes to the butler, Chutney, and the dog, Griswald.

TC and the gang bring Benny to the millionaire's mansion to claim the money, but the greedy butler locks them out. They build a makeshift to shoot him over the fence and he lands in the lawyer's lap. He thinks Benny matches Catwalader's description, and tells Chutney and Griswald to look after him while he researches the claim.

The dog and butler set up several traps and schemes to rid themselves of the phony, but Benny escapes each of them. He throws a party and invites the gang. TC plays maracas and sings, Fancy plays drums, and the rest dance with their dates. Chutney rigs the piano to explode, but Benny can't play the right key, and it backfires on Griswald.

Frustrated with his string of failures, the butler decides to just steal the money and frame the dog for it, but Griswald learns the truth and chases him right into Dibble, who recognizes him as "Machine Gun Chutney", a wanted criminal. The crook confesses to getting rid of Catwalader, and the lawyer brings back the rightful heir.