The Unscratchables is the twelfth episode of Top Cat.


Big Gus' boys smash the window of Stiffany's Jewelers and steal the Hopeless Diamond. Dibble is close behind them, so they stash it in Top Cat's trash can to pick up later. TC and the gang find it and make plans to spend the reward money. When the crooks come back, Benny hides the diamond in his mouth, then accidentally swallows it, so they kidnap him and bring him back to their hideout. TC and the gang leave Brain as collateral and take a used car to go find him.

The crooks arrive at the hideout and find Big Gus' girlfriend Fifi is there. They X-ray Benny, but don't see the gem inside him, just a pastrami sandwich and a hard-boiled egg. TC and the gang sneak up to the cabin, but Choo-Choo's sneeze alerts the bad guys. The cats hide, and when the crooks go back inside they shake Benny until they can see the diamond on the X-ray.

TC has an idea. He and the others dress as gangsters and enter the cabin as The Unscratchables. When Big Gus finally arrives, their cover is blown. The crooks start shooting, and the cats skedaddle. They find a nearby policeman behind a billboard and try to get him to capture Big Gus, but he takes them down to the police station.

The police sergeant sends a squad car to capture Big Gus and his boys, and he sends Benny to Stiffany's for safe keeping, in their safe. The other cats come to visit, and bring him a pastrami sandwich and a hard-boiled egg, with lots of black pepper. Benny sneezes, popping open the safe and shooting the diamond out into the street, where a steamroller smashes it into hundreds of pieces.


  • Fifi's mouth moves while the crook says "I'll call Doc Rigor Mortin, he'll know what to do."
  • TC and Benny were thrown out of the same Boy Scout troop; it was the only way to meet the Girl Scouts.