The Violin Player is the fifth episode of Top Cat.


Top Cat rushes to the alley to outline his new plan, Operation Money, which involves selling tickets to a block party. Benny is absent because he's at a music lesson. He's learning to play the violin. When TC hears his screeching, he sends him to practice on another street. He stops on the corner outside a music shop. Inside the shop, Dibble is listening to a record of a great violin player, Lazlo-Lazlo.

A passing musical director, Gutenbad, hears the music and sees Benny standing there with his violin. Thinking Benny played the music, he chases after him. Benny thinks the man must be mad because he was playing too loudly. After a chase through the city, Gutenbad finally catches up to him and offers him a gig at Carnegie Hall. TC scraps plans for the block party, intending to display Benny's violin mastery instead.

Gutenbad brings his board of directors to hear Benny play and discovers he's horrible. He hears Dibble's record and breaks down his door to find out who's playing. Dibble explains it's Lazlo-Lazlo, who made that one record and disappeared, and nobody knows where he is. TC chucks Benny's violin in the trash and sends the gang to look for this violinist. A street sweeper picks up the instrument and begins to play it beautifully. Before TC can get back to him to act as his agent, Gutenbad has already signed him and departed.

As Top Cat laments his bad luck, Benny begins playing a harmonica, but beautifully. TC rushes off with him to try to find Gutenbad.