Top Cat (Gold Key) 9 is an issue of the Top Cat comics series from Gold Key Comics. Its issue date is January 1964 and its cover price is twelve cents.


Physical Fit-mess

Starring: Top Cat, Officer Dibble and The Gang
Summary: Dibble says the cats are lazy and guilts them into taking a fifty-mile hike. Exhausted after only five miles, they hitchhike the rest of the way... with Dibble in disguise! He says he'll buy them fishburgers if they can go up and down a hundred flights of stairs, not realizing that TC will think of a lazy way to accomplish it.

The Great Giveaway

Starring: Top Cat and The Gang
Summary: Brain invents "Givarium," a fluid that makes people want to give. TC uses it to get food from the deli, but Brain feels guilty about it. Before he can destroy the remaining supply, two bank robbers take it and tie up the cats in a bunch. As the crooks get the bank and its patrons to give them their money, the cats roll after them and find someone to untie them. While TC stalls, Brain whips up another batch of Givarium to make the robbers give back the money, and give themselves up to the police.

City Cats on Camp-out

Starring: Top Cat, Officer Dibble, and The Gang
Summary: The gang goes to a summer camp at Lake Itchy-Goomy. They are bewildered by their unfamiliar surroundings, but at least they don't have Dibble on their backs... until they discover that he is a camp counselor and he was hoping to have some time away from the cats too. They spend the week botching camp activities and annoying Dibble, but when a bear arrives and nearly eats all the camp's food, their city ways save the day.

Close Friends

(Story feature)
Starring: Yakky Doodle
Summary: When Yakky's pond dries up, Chopper helps him search for a new place to swim. They have no luck, until Yakky spies Chopper's water dish. Chopper doesn't have the heart to say no, but he is relieved when it starts raining and filling the pond again.

To Flea or Not to Flea

Starring: Wally Gator
Summary: The zoo's new animal feeder is afraid of animals, so Wally tries to help him overcome his fear.

The Cat-Powered Horse

Starring: Top Cat and The Gang
Guest starring: Officer Dibble
Summary: When TC sees how fast Choo-Choo and Spook can run, he hatches a brilliant plan. He trains them to run even faster, and sends the others to sell junk to raise cash. Then he rents a costume and enters them in a race, against horses. On race day, he gives Benny their sack of cash, and sends him to bet it on their "horse", forgetting that he is supposed to be the jockey. When Benny returns, TC hurries him onto his mount as the race starts. Unfortunately, they don't finish because Benny didn't have time to place the bet and the sack weighed them down. They all have to run, however, when they find out Dibble was at the racetrack and lost twenty bucks on a horse named "Choo Choo the Spook".

Keys of Knowledge

(Information feature)
Domestic Animals No. 5 - The Persian-Angora Cat