Top Cat Falls in Love is the seventh episode of Top Cat.


Benny has his tonsils removed so the gang visits him in the hospital. Top Cat doesn't want to go, but when Dibble wants him to clean the alley, he uses visiting Benny as an excuse to get away. They deliver gifts, all useless to Benny with his sore throat, and TC is anxious to leave, until he meets Miss LaRue, Benny's nurse.

Instantly smitten, TC lays on the charm, but Miss LaRue doesn't seem to be interested. He waits for her, but doesn't realize he's in the Maternity Ward waiting room. After some confused chatter with the expectant fathers, she arrives and tells TC she only has time for her patients, and that Benny will be leaving the hospital tomorrow. He feigns illness to fool the doctor into admitting him.

While TC is enjoying Miss LaRue's attention, Dibble and the gang have fallen for the ruse too. They want to spend one last Christmas with him, even though it's July. They decorate his room and sing carols for him, and even hang mistletoe over his bed.

The doctor reports that Miss LaRue has fallen in love at last, but was too shy to tell TC herself. She has left to marry another doctor! TC frets, but the doc assures him his new nurse will take good care of him too. When the stern new nurse tries to put TC in his place, he skedaddles back to the alley. He continues to play sick, though, so Dibble will take it easy on him.


  • Choo-Choo answers the police phone in Top Cat's absence.